Money, money, money

Alright, I probably needed a good laugh today, as its back to work tomorrow, and the sports news tonight provided it. Yes, cricket related, as a warning to James at least lol, though the sentiment of this isnt entirely cricket related.

Shock horror, 5 players have been suspended from the IPL (Indian Premier League) for possible match fixing. No, I’ve never heard of any of them in all honesty, I’m sure you can find the names in a news article if you want to. To be honest, the word that amuses me the most, is the word, possible. Oh, come on, surely they havent got the nerve to suggest it isnt fixed…oh, they are lol!

Equally, its hard to believe that they seriously think that 5 players (1 of whom hasnt even played this year) who would play a very minor part at best are fixing the games? Get real, its the names who can affect a game that are doing it, lets face it. To be honest, I dont go out of my way to watch the IPL, unless I want a good laugh. If I want to see easy catches dropped, deliberate bad bowling, or egos being blown out of all proportion, then yes, I’ll watch it. But otherwise…

The thing that really scares me though, given how generally this is known, is how many people actually bet on this. Well, unless they are in on the fix of course, which I wouldnt know. But seriously, even if I bet nowadays, I wouldnt touch this with a bargepole. Of course, as its India’s own cricket board that will be investigating this, I dont expect any serious results, and I certainly dont expect the real culprits to be shown up, thats for sure. Lets just say that the contrived results to get Mumbai (Tendulkar) and Chennai into the playoffs have been entertaining to say the least.

I cant say I’m a fan of India, but I dont think thats influenced this post. The difference between the exceedingly wealthy owners and players, and the impoverished folk of India is just too much for my taste. And of course, there is no corruption anywhere in Indian authority lol…

The video, well, I’m not renowned for making it difficult to work out. Yes, its Abba, and yes, its

2 responses

  1. Am I correct in assuming that Indian cricket is like US wrestling??


  2. Pretty much so. The only difference is that US Wrestling doesnt deny its all scripted, the IPL still tries to pretend that it isnt


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