I was only dreaming

Well, maybe thats a step too far, but at least I can say that I was only sleeping the last couple of mornings lol! Yes, great logical planning, work 10 days in a row, then get 4 off in a row afterwards! But after a series of early starts, its been nice to be able to sleep in until a reasonable hour, and know that I’ve still got a couple more to go before normal service resumes lol!

Is it wrong to say it though, couldnt things be split up a bit better? After all, this then leaves me with 6 in a row again when I get back to work. The snag I find with 4 days off in a row, is what I call ‘cell fever’, I need to get out at some point while off, just for the sake of getting out for a while, nothing more. Whereas, if they were spread out better…

Oh, and getting political just for once, do any of these politicians really have a clue about what we term real life? I really doubt it in all honesty. Yes, its William Hague, and his idiotic comments today that have annoyed me so much. I really would love to see him do a real days work, for the sort of money I earn, and see why people get annoyed about comments about working harder. It has to be said, the recent council elections marked a new point for me, I didnt vote for any of the 3 major parties, to be honest, I havent got any faith in them at present. Luckily I was able to do so, there was a Green party candidate, plus an independent, and yes, I voted for one of them. I know, wasted vote probably, but I felt good about it.

One last thing, its been a good day for irish cricketers. Ed Joyce got a century, William Porterfield got an unbeaten 81, and McCarter again bowled well for his county. Oh, and much deserved I might add, John Mooney has earned a trial with a county too, all great stuff, and just shows the strength of Irish cricket, if only the ICC, or is that the BCCI would realise it!

The video, goes back to the title, and original comments, and no originality prizes for the group concerned. Yes, I’m biased lol!


2 responses

  1. I had to look up William Hague, as we have our own set of idiot politicians. I do, on one level, undersatnd what he thinks he is trying to say, but, yes, it seems out of touch with average working people expected to do more and more for less and less. And saying it all in this context makes him seem callous at best and disconnected from reality at worst.


  2. Yes James, I know some of your idiot politicians too, but of course its our own that make more of the news over here lol. I dont know if they really are that disconnected, or have just been wearing the rose tinted glasses far too long though


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