They think its all over…it is now!

The holiday that is, if anyone was in any doubt! And hopefully the flights back will be considerably easier than the flights getting here. I cant say smoother, because both flights, when they happened, were very smooth. But…

The week itself has been very enjoyable, have revisited a few ‘old friends’, made a few new ones, and was sorry to see a few landmarks from past visits are no more, closed down I assume by the economic crisis, but dont quote me on that.

Little did I know that when I went up the Space Needle on Monday, I’d missed its 50th birthday, by 2 days, had actually happened on the Saturday. And just to prove the visit

 No, the picture background is a digitised add on, but that is really me. You get your photo taken as you start the visit, and then there’s a place to see it on the observation desk, and select your preferred background. Most amazingly, to get the picture by email, is free! Thats right, I couldnt believe it either, especially over here!

Then a first, at the science museum, I got to see a film in 3D, so weird! Not the film, it was about the Arctic, but the effect. They did this thing with the titles, so they turned to ice, broke up, and seemed to fly towards you. And yes, at one point, I moved out the way, lol. Well, I am blonde… Other than that, I’ve been to a lot better science museums in all honesty.

The Aquarium the next day was quite good though, as was the harbour cruise, all 4 of those things done on the City Pass, good value at $69 considering. Much of the rest of the next 2 days was spent walking around, shopping, drinking coffee, but a lot of it just walking, seeing sights, old and new. Was sorry to see the Online Coffee House gone, but I guess progress has overtaken places like that in the last 9 years, PC’s are no longer the only way to get on the net of course. But the place where my back was introduced to the pleasure of a massage 9 years ago is still there, though I’m not sure if its the same lady, my memory isnt that good.

Today I went to Tacoma, definitely the poor relation of the 2 linked in name by the airport I shall fly out of tomorrow at least. Tomorrow, I shall combine the 2, and go to SeaTac Airport, and fly home, well presumably I will, looks nervously at American Airlines for all this! I trust someone will check the flight before leaving home to collect me, lol!

I wouldnt say the weather has been perfect over here, but it hasnt been too bad. Seemingly a lot, lot better than at home, thats for sure!

Sorry, no video. Nothing personal and all that, but all the same… Primarily, I have internet here, and its a decent enough feed for most things. But trying to watch music videos on You Tube…you get my drift?

So, this is Stevie Lou, closing for now from Seattle, saying I’ll see you again back in England…God willing!

2 responses

  1. I think I had about the right time for you flying over when I waved goodbye . . . see you in September.


  2. Went closer than expected to you, flew out over Toronto area, instead of directly north as usual, so…I might have done! 😉
    Yes, look forward to seeing you in September too


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