Discrimination against Transgender people

I havent found any, but in a sense, that might be why I’m starting this blog. I’ve just been on one of the Trans boards I visit, to find a report about violence against a Transgender person, and what she has been doing about it.

Of course, what I’m in no position to say is how well she passes, I have no idea, I only know her through said board. Equally I know I get told that I do pass quite well, so maybe I’m just fortunate in that sense? Also, she lives in the London area, which I would have thought had areas where there were plenty of ‘idiots’ about. Maybe Yorkshire folk are more open minded, maybe they just dont realise I’m not a natural woman, but…?

And please dont say its a time of day thing, I work shifts, so I come out of work on a Friday, or Saturday evening (when the drunks, and football fans are plentifully about), and no one says a word, let alone threatens me (or more) at any time. I might attract the odd glance, but that really is about it with me. And at lunchtimes, I dont put a coat on, even during the cooler months, so I’m not exactly hiding my cleavage! Last September in Boston, the dirtiest look I got was when using the mens toilets in Boston Airport coming back, and he was making a clear point to me that it was the mens toilets I was in, lol!

This time around, with the enhancers in, I will be using the ladies, wonder if I will get any reaction to that?

Dont get me wrong, I’m not saying there isnt violence and abuse towards Transgender people, because all too sadly, there is! But whether its just that I’m lucky, or whether I just pass the radar tests, is it for me to say? I wish people through the world were more open minded about the whole Trans issue, but suspect that in real life, thats never going to happen.

It will be interesting to see what happens somewhere where nobody knows me, though I’m sure Boston gives me a good guide to that, nearly all will think I’m a woman! Just as well, because hopefully, rain permitting, I probably wont need a coat in Seattle at the end of April. So Stevie Lou will be busting out all over lol!

Ah, you want a video, let me see…what might be suitable? Shall I go with


PS, If anyone wants to spoil a fifty something lady in Seattle between the 22nd and 27th, let me know in advance, I’ll bring a nice dress with me! No, I wont be holding my breath for offers lol!


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