The cricket season

Yes, you can tell the domestic cricket season is about to start again, they are forecasting snow in April, lol! Is it just me, or does the season seem to start earlier each year?

No, I’m not going to bore people with a long discussion of the merits of each county team, and who will win the various titles etc, as I’m sure those who care will have their own opinions on these matters anyway. Lets just leave it at saying there are a good number of irish cricketers playing for counties, a matter that can only mean good things for the national side. Who, by the way, have recently qualified for the 20 over World Cup in September, in Sri Lanka.

Lets look at a fun issue, which county should I support? The first county I really remember following would be Kent, not because they were my first county, but it was where I was living when I first took interest in the sport. Those were very different days though back then, no great media hype, and getting players to sign autographs for you was roughly akin to asking to meet the Queen. An attitude I’m pleased to say has changed dramatically, and so much for the better.

Then I moved to Somerset, and started following them at the perfect time to do so, with names like Botham, Richards and Garner in the team. Yes, in those days international cricket wasnt such a behemoth that players actually had time to play for their counties as well. Taunton was (probably still is) a lovely ground, and I still sort of follow Somerset even now, aided by one George Dockrell now being in their squad of course.

Despite 2 years in London, I never really got involved with any of the teams there to be honest. I have been to Headingley for a county game since I moved back up here, but dont really feel any great affection for the team, though perhaps I should? In all honesty, I’m more likely to follow the details for the counties with Irish players in their teams lol!

The last couple of years, I’ve managed to see Ireland play, internationals against Bangladesh, and then last year against Namibia. Thats become more important to me than county cricket in all honesty. Sadly, its unlikely to happen this year, as the games planned so far clash with Euro 2012, and that means a very busy time at work. And no, I definitely wont be going to Sri Lanka in September either! I will watch it on TV, assuming it doesnt clash with a US trip that I dont yet know the dates for, stll waiting for the NFL to release the schedule for that, hopefully soon!

So yes, we might be having a drought in areas of this country at present, but I’m sure the start of the cricket season will change all that! Oh, and probably snow somewhere too lol!

Still, 3 weeks from now, I will be in the land of Baseball, really looking forward to that.


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