Its funny how these things happen, isnt it? Very happy being single, so it doesnt matter if you have the ‘right bits’ down below or not, and then it creeps up on you. You start chatting to a guy via a Forum (no, not a dating one, heaven forbid), and you start to get on alright, and then things move on, and so…Its strange, someone who has posted a few comments on here in the past always told me that somewhere out there might be the guy for me. To be honest, I always thought that a crazy idea, but now I’m beginning to wonder myself.

No, its definitely not love, I’m so far from a point where I could fall in love with anyone, that I’m not reaching that point anytime soon. But like, and even maybe like a lot, then yes, I’m beginning to feel that way about him strangely enough. But yes, you’ve guessed the obvious snag to anything happening, he thinks I’m a woman. Well, alright, in all senses but one I am, but as far as a guy, and sex goes, thats a pretty big thing that lets me down. Well, OK, that thing isnt very big as such, but its not the right thing for a woman to have lol!

Thankfully, though perhaps with a tinge of sadness as well as everything else, its not a relationship thats going far anyway. I’m in Yorkshire, he’s in California, and thats a lot of miles between us. Possibly its for the best, as I’m not entirely the woman he’s looking for. Maybe 90 odd % of me is, but the critical bit isnt! But yes, for the first time in an incredibly long period, there is someone out there who I fancy meeting for reasons more than socialising, and yes, alright, much to my surprise, I feel good about that. Also I suspect I’m far too imdependent by now to really live with anyone, as a couple at least.

Adding a touch of realism, it might be a case that even if I did have all the ‘right bits’, it might not come to anything, indeed quite likely it wouldnt, but you never know. Sadly, because of my gender dysphoria, I’m never likely to find out anyway! But hey, its been a long time since I felt this way about anyone, and I’m surpised how much I enjoy it.

No, its not tempting me to look for anyone else, I’ve had enough knockbacks in my life, that I dont need more of them. But yes, James, I never thought I’d say this, but you might well have been right about that special someone all along. Just wish I was 100% what he wants though!

Oh, and an early hint, 2 weeks yesterday, I’ll be even more decrepit than now, numerically at least. Yes, on the 16th, I will reach the grand age of 54. The only thing that really frightens me about that is the fact that I’m only 6 years away from the old peoples bus pass over here, aargh! Anything Brooksie inspired, especially e-cards from anyone would be appreciated. A quality (and I do mean quality, as I’d want to wear it out) ‘helmet’ wig, preferably dark would be heaven, if anyone has more money than sense! My hair is good everywhere but the fringe, if I could solve that, I wouldnt need a wig, lol!

Music, a wonderful piece from the 70’s, and yes, as so often, the blog title is the giveaway here. I remember the Dooleys, do you?


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