My name is…

No, its not Michael Caine, though that may serve as a hint to the video at the end lol!

But yes, it is Stevie Lou, but its not Nicks, I leave that surname to a certain pop star, its officially Nicholls. As most will realise, thats not the name I was baptised with of course, that might have been more, err, a mans name, and I changed the surname as well when I changed gender.

And yes, that is what it says on the passport too, I must admit the name choice was a bit of a ‘flag of convenience’ thing when I changed it. Stevie Lou is nicely gender ambiuguous for the bigots that are out there, whereas Stephanie Louise might just prove a bit too in the face for some? I suspect if I was being formally introduced to someone important, I might go with Stephanie Louise though, but the odds on me going  to Royal Ascot, or a Buckingham Palace garden party must rank as very slim lol!

To be honest, Stevie Lou probably suits the new female me better than the formal name would anyway, its kind of cute, I’d love to say like me, but…Its fresh, and fun, a bit like me since the change was made.

And I’ll be honest, 90 odd per cent of people at work are fine with it, there are one or two that still use Steve, but even they are being worn down by inevitability, so it seems. The he/she thing is a bit more of an issue with some, but I can see their point in a very slight way, but yes, it still grates at times, but I certainly dont get militant, or stroppy about it, and it seems to work in time, as one of the ‘old school’ changed hastily from he to she on Sunday when talking about me, so hey…!

The funny thing is, its 2 pieces of bad news in the past that really pushed me on with it. The first was when Farnell made me redundant back in 2009(I think?) for several reasons. One, I was tired of the job, wanting to get out, but just couldnt give myself the needed kick up the backside to do so. They gave me it, and a nice pay off to boot. I was out there as transgender, but it was made clear that I was ‘expected’ to act, and dress as a guy, even if all the office knew, and all my reps too, and no complaints from anyone. But now, if I could get a new job, I could take things further, and so…I did! Yes, thats when I did the first hypnotherapy session for confidence, and I sailed through the interview. And yes, as history knows, got the job!

I wasnt outrageous, but yes, the clothes certainly started to cross the gender barrier, and the use of a handbag certainly did. No, I didnt come out there at first, just let them think what they wanted. Did come out after a while though… But then, about 20 months or so ago, they cut back on telebetting in Leeds, calamity loomed. No, they were setting up a new team I discovered, and soon found out they wanted me as part of it. But, wait for it, there would be a new contract to sign. So that was when I got the kick up the backside to get my name changed, as yes, I could have my contract in my new name if I got the papers cleared in time, and did.

So thats the thoroughly boring tale of how I became Stevie Lou Nicholls, but it wasnt enough for Madness to make a record for me lol! So you’ll have to settle for this gem instead. It was a very minor hit by their standards, just no idea why that was the case.

Punches air to  celebrate century lol!

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