Merry Christmas Everybody

Well at least to everyone who reads this anyway!

Just a quickie (and a classic video) for now, to wish all my readers a marvellous Christmas, and to hope you all get what you want tomorrow in the way of presents, and a perfect day. But given the reputation for these matters on December 25th, well I hope its not too painful a day anyway.

I know it will be a good day for me, even though I know full well that I wont get my most wished for present tomorrow, as I will not wake up looking like either a 50’s version of Doris Day, or even better at present, maybe, a 20’s version of Louise Brooks, though still blonde ideally! Correct genitalia the most important thing lol! Santa, please note! I know its a lot to ask, but…if I get that, I wouldnt care about not getting any other presents. 😉

My special best wishes go out to all others working over the holiday period, yes, I will be amongst you on Boxing Day. To those working tomorrow, especially one who I know reads this, my even more special wishes.

To all those marvellous people I met this year, thanks, its been an honour. To those I will meet next year, I look forward to doing so. The main holidays for next year are already planned, sorted, and in the case of the first at least, paid for as well. I’m hoping I can get to see Ireland play cricket again then, but thats a bit more TBA, other than on Sky at least.

I wont keep you longer, I’m sure you’ve got more important things to be doing today than reading this.

So yes, its a giveaway as to the song, the original and best version of a 70’s Christmas Classic

Its Christmas!!!

4 responses

  1. It really is Christmas as I read this, just home from a bit of work with 8 1/2 hours until I am due at work again. Merry Christmas, Stephanie Louise. May all your best wishes come true.


  2. Same to you James, and I know what a busy day this must be for you. Didnt get my most wished for present, cant think why lol!


  3. Oh, still ten more days of Christmas after you read this, and there are always possibilities . . .


  4. I’ll let you know if it happens lol, or do you know something I dont? 😉


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