A fairytale ended too young

Did anyone work out what the anniversary was? Either way, you find out now.

11 years ago today, Kirsty McColl was killed in a diving accident in Mexico, aged just 41. I’m not going to comment on the politics of the incident, there is so much mystery and rumour shrouded about it, thats its safer not to comment here.

Pop music is a strange thing, to put it mildly, talentless acts with masses of hype (yes, think X-Factor) can have successful careers, while really good singers without said hype never get the popular following they so deserve. And yes, Kirsty was one of the latter.

Ironically for such a talented writer, 3 of the records she will be most remembered for were not from her hands. ‘A New England’ was a Billy Bragg song, though he did rewrite slightly for Kirsty, for obvious reasons. ‘Days’ was a Ray Davies (Kinks) song, and the one you get to enjoy later here was of course a Pogues song. She did have hits of her own, ‘There’s A Guy Works Down The Chipshop’ and ‘Walking Down Madison’ being 2 of the most obvious to talk about. Her own first record, ‘They Don’t Know’ was actually a massive hit for Tracey Ullman, who had more hype going for her than Kirsty did at the time. And not the only song that Tracey was wise enough to record of hers either.

But generally, much of her great music just seemed to fall under the popular radar, for whatever reason, but I loved it. Why, possibly because of her concern for others in a worse position than herself, and possibly because she had a wonderfully cynical look on life so often.

And yes, I just wanted to mark this day with little piece. As I say, I’m offering the most obvious piece of Kirsty, especially at this time of year, but just type the name into You Tube, and enjoy more if you have the time.


Kirsty RIP

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  1. She is not someone with whom I am familiar, but it sounds as if her work is worthgetting to know.


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