I’m still standing…just!

Yes, its been a little while since I wrote here, but thats life, and work shifts for you. Hopefully things might get a bit calmer now, but if I disappear again for a few days, dont panic, well not too much lol!

So lets fill you in on life, before I get all whimsical again, probably tomorrow as I have a day off, whatever one of those is?

Thursday was the Christmas dinner (as has been mentioned before), but lets throw a delicate veil over the meal by saying it wasnt good. Food, especially the main course was definitely ‘cool’ by the time we got served, and no, I wont go again next year unless its somewhere different, or I have a total bimbo moment and accidentally say yes when asked lol! Hotel I stayed at was OK, though had the amusing moment of having to pay a £10 deposit for a TV remote.

Friday,Saturday and Sunday, lets just say my shifts came to a combined total of 30 hours for those 3 days, and leave it at that. Irony, my shift today, 5 hours! <rolling eyes emoticon> Worse, I finished at 9 last night, got to bed about 11.45 by the time I did everything, and was up soon after 4.30 this morning for a shift starting at 8! Day off tomorrow, and 8 will be the earliest I get up tomorrow I suspect.

Yesterday was even more entertaining, the new railway timetables started over here. Not that mine seem to have altered, and neither has the ‘reliability’ of Trans Pennine Express! Well actually you cound say they were consistent, train was 14 minutes late arriving yesterday morning, and same again today! Joke is the word that comes to mind. Something went wrong, the train this afternoon ran on time. Last night, didnt get one, got collected, so no idea!

Hard to believe it, 2 weeks from now, all the hype will be done and dusted, and I’ll have done a day back at work. Yes, some of us work Boxing Day, shock horror! Havent had any requests for a present list yet though from any of my readers. Well alright, Nicole has, but thats an inhouse thing, so…

Teasing folks, as I suspect you know by now, but all the same…

The song, I’m sure the title is a big giveaway here. it’s Elton showing off some wonderful dry humour, and I’m wondering whether this is just after he outed himself judging by the lyrics and the video?


2 responses

  1. And you are still standing, and I am exceedingly glad. Since you know the railway schedule is 14 minutes off, you can relax and go with the flow . . . 😛


  2. If only you could work that logic with TPE, then all would be fine, but sadly they arent reliable in any sense lol!


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