The race that stops a nation

This probably wont mean much to many, its your hazard for reading the blog of someone who works in a betting industry call centre lol!

Well, allegedly at least its the race that stops a nation!

Earlier this morning, my time at least, the Melbourne Cup was run in Australia, as is tradition, on the first Tuesday in November. And for the second year in a row, a French horse won the race. This year, an English horse was second. The funny thing is, until a few years ago, runners in this race from Europe was unheard of. I’m not sure if Vintage Crop in 1993 was actually the first, though I have a feeling he was. One thing for certain is that he was the first European winner of the race, but there has been a few since!

Obviously a major reason for this was the travel, its only been in more recent years that horses have been flown on a regular basis, and until then a horse travelling from Europe to Australia for one race wouldnt even been considered.

Nowadays, horses from here fly over to North America to race with barely a blink from anyone. Indeed we have another major international race meeting this weekend, the Breeders Cup, being run at Churchill Downs this year on Friday and Saturday. And all of this is shown live on TV over here. I remember when international racing on TV was the Welsh, Scottish, and Irish Grand Nationals lol! Maybe thats a slight exagerration, but anyway…

So alright, as it was the Melbourne Cup that inspired this piece, lets think Australian for the video. I could select from many fine Aussie artists, but lets face it, for many people, one song sums things up perfectly. So, I think most might guess, even  without looking at the links, that it is,

2 responses

  1. I’m just thinking about the way airlines treat the humans, and thinking that its a wonder that the PETA people aren’t objecting to having the horses subjected to it! 😉


  2. I think they probably get better treatment than we do lol!


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