Cricket in the USA

Yes, it does exist there, though in a pretty limited way, mainly played by immigrants from the West Indies and South East Asia, not so much the natives. And though they are far from the worst playing nation in the world, they dont have the likes of Ireland, Scotland, Holland and Afghanistan quaking, let alone the 10 big test playing nations lol!

Strangely though, the trick question is, who were the  participants in the first international cricket match? All those who said England and Ireland, or England and the Aussies, wrong! Anyone shrewd enough to say Canada and the USA, correct! So why didnt they become mighty cricketing powers, well, I think the rise of baseball might have played a part!

So why am I posting on such matters today, you’re probably asking? Well I read an article this morning about starting a 20 over premier league in the US in the near future, backed by New Zealand Cricket board. And the comment said it all, why wont it probably work with the American’s, its not baseball! Even more so as presumably the seasons would need to coincide, and lets face it, ask a New Englander, are you going to go and watch a cricket game between players you might not have heard of, or mainly not heard of, or are you going to go and watch the Red Sox? Hmm…

The other main snag, unless you concentrate on one region of the US, is distance. Its OK playing one day here in Taunton (Somerset), the next in Southampton (Hampshire) but playing in New York, or Miami one day, then 2 days later in Seattle or San Francisco, not so easy, is it? And without national outlets, would the game ever attract a national audience, pretty doubtful I guess.

Me, I’d love to see cricket take off in a big way in the US, I would like to think that would force the ICC to open up the game at a higher level far more, and might therefore indirectly aid Ireland too. Trouble is, unless the ‘locals’ can take an interest in the game, as well as Expats, its not likely to happen. And given there will be baseball on at the same time as a cricket season…ah well, I suspect.

be interesting to see the idea come to fruition though. For any interested, the link is

2 responses

  1. Well, that was very different from the usual link here! I will be interested to see how this goes. The advantage cricketeers may have in New England is cheaper tickets than the Sox.


  2. I tried to think of a suitable music video to add, but couldnt come up with one lol!

    Price may play a part, but I think traditional fans may still stick with the game they know. We will just have to wait and see


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