Say hello, wave goodbye

I think its fair to say that some of these posts get written just to fit a great video find, and yes, this is one of them.

Its fair to say that by my age (yes, I wont see 50 again, thats for sure), I’ve met a lot of  people, said goodbye to a lot as well. Family (only me left now, has been for a few years now), friends, workmates, and people whose path I briefly crossed, never to pass that way again. Oh, and in my case, I wonder still what happened to a few close school friends too!

And thats just talking real life, I suspect in over 10 years of cyberland that I’ve ‘met’ a good number of internet friends too, and seen a few go as well. Mainly just faded away, though one special friend died earlier this year, not that I ever met her, or was likely to, but anyway…A couple of really nice people joined the crossover list last month, and I’m really glad they did, was a thrill meeting both of them.

But even you youngsters out there, how many have you known, and said goodbye to in your life, directly or indirectly, a huge number I suspect? And do you ever look back and think whatever happened to ‘so and so’ that I knew? I know there are one or two I still do that about, mainly for good reasons, though in a small number of cases, maybe not! And me saying this, this is someone who keeps herself pretty much to herself, even now.

So go on, think back in your life, and remember one brief acquaintance that meant something to you, in any way, but then time just moved on. I’m thinking of one, and wondering how different things might have been if me and her…but it wasnt meant to be. Might have been for the best given what I discovered, though maybe we would have made a good pair of lesbians together lol. Nope, no name being given though!

Alright, the song you’ve worked out, and given my age, you might have worked out which version too. This is actually described as the official video, but its not the one I remember from my youth, all the same. Really love this song, even now, and hope you will too.


2 responses

  1. I happen to believe you and your recently lost friend will get a chance to meet yet.

    Me, I have had to say goodbye to somebody who may not want to say hello again to me . . . ever.


  2. Lol, James, no idea who that might be! I still want to say hello to you anytime I can.

    As for that friend, I hope you’re right


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