Beyond Yorkshire

I’m told there are rumours of life beyond the Yorkshire boundaries, will have to find out if its true or not? Yes, I am joking btw! Though if you talked to some people, you might believe otherwise. As for their feelings when Lancashire won the cricket county championship yesterday, I dread to think lol!

Time permitting, I intend to keep this blog going while away in Boston, but absolutely no promises are made, so if it goes quiet (or quietish) here over the next week or so, you know why. I’m just the type of person who would rather you knew, rather than just have you wondering where I’d gone.

Irish cricket has the last 2 games of the season early next week against Canada, and given the new qualifying rules for the 2015 World Cup, it adds more importance to victories that should be achieved by the full team. Not that the IC Cup team did too badly this week lol! Other than that, Ireland play Australia in the rugby world cup tomorrow, and I’m not expecting an Irish victory there somehow.

Beyond that, not much to say, other than wishing my readers a good weekend, and speak to you again soon.


2 responses

  1. I hate to admit it, but, where some of us live, you’d be hard pressed getting us to believe there was life IN Yorkshire . . .


  2. I know what you mean at times! Even more so for the next week or so! 😉


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