Something uniquely Irish.

No, not Guinness, even if I guess it is. Nor them messing up the World Cup Rugby tournament again, though they may well do so, lol! That wouldnt be unique anyway!

No, this post relates to something that happens once a year (not Santa), somewhere a little north of Dublin.

I refer to the wonderfully unique delight that is Laytown races! Alright, for those who dont know, this isnt held at some race track, this is literally held on the beach! There is a joke that did the rounds that one year some wag reported the meeting cancelled as waterlogged, and then realised a few hours later, but as far as I know, that tale is pure fiction.

Nowadays, for safety reasons, all races are run on a straight course, no races longer than 7 furlongs (1400 metres appx), but in the old days, there used to be a round course, and the ‘far side’ of the track was prone to ‘flooding’ if racing got delayed at all, lol! Snag was, the sand on that part wasnt always solid enough to take a heavy, galloping racehorse, and a few tragedies did occur. It did look at one point as if this would end this unique event, but the compromise course now laid out has solved all those problems, I’m pleased to say.

Its one meeting I really want to go to, but I’ve been saying that for the best part of 30 years now, and still havent got there, for various reasons. But I really must one day, its something I so want to see, and not just on TV at work.

Here is a sample

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