The Winner Takes It All

Some here might suspect that I might be an Abba fan, and they’d be right!

The funny thing is, in a sense, this fits in with my job in the betting industry quite nicely. The winner does take it all, and I suspect more often than not, its my employers! I dont mind, they pay my wages after all, and as I dont gamble (other than the Grand National), bookies are never going to make a fortune out of me. But enough of the tenuous link to the song title, and the video.

I suspect we all have good days, and bad days, especially at work, and for me today, it was one of the latter. And as someone who gets annoyed and frustrated with people and places when things gang up on them when its not my fault, well I havent been a ‘good girl’ today lol!

Normally Monday’s are one of the quieter days (as such, at least!), and we are staffed up accordingly. All fine and dandy, but then they forget to change staffing levels when the Monday is a Bank Holiday! Yes, it was manic today, we had nowhere near enough staff in, and though I’m sure they wouldnt own up to it, management messed up yet again. I didnt stop all day, neither did many others, but because of everything, the abandonment call rate was frighteningly high. They talk of us providing best customer service, and then hamstring us by not providing enough staff to even get close to that!

On top of this, one guy who I have to deal with (non management), who has all the tact, charm and diplomacy of Attila the Hun annoyed me again today, and I snapped. Not in a major way, not enough to have got through his thick shell any way, dont think that would be possible. I know others have complained about him, I havent formally, thats not my style, I just snarl lol! But no one seems to want to say anything, so…good old management lol! Probably uses all his Irish charm on them, he certainly doesnt use it on anyone else!

OK, rant over.

So yes, its been one of those sort of days for me, luckily I’m off tomorrow. Only good news, something went wrong, Trans Pennine Express ran an efficient service, but suspect that wont last!

Right, video time, and yes, I always wanted to be Agnetha when I was a child, and now I know why. Hope you enjoy, probably wont be the last Abba video I ever post!



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