My local music scene

Some places have a great reputation for all the great pop acts to come out of them, Liverpool being the most obvious example over the years, producing pop acts over the years far out of proportion to what perhaps they should have achieved.

The home council of my birth area wasn’t one of them though! Bradford has never exactly been a musical hotspot over the years, and though I’m sure others will throw up names, the only 2 I know both reached their height in the 70’s, and though both are still going strong now, its been a long while since anything charted!

Kiki Dee is probably most famous for a certain duet with her record label co-star Elton John, but did have some solo success in her own right, an example of which below. Back in the late 60’s there were albums produced by session musicians and singers of all the big hits, and amazingly both were involved in those before fame arrived. There is a rumour Bowie was too, but I’ve never read any definite evidence of that. As I said pop success was intermittent for Kiki, but she went on to star in many major stage musicals, Blood Brothers being the most obvious one. I’m posting this video, as there werent too many around in the early 70’s, so I suspect its fairly rare

Smokie are the only other Bradford act I can think of that made it really big, and are still going strong today, albeit with a bit of a changed line-up lol! They had a string of hits in the 70’s, so picking a song was technically easier, and a few more videos to pick from. But this wasnt one of their big hits, its just a song so associated with the group though.

You even get to see parts of Bradford in this, including a glimpse of a bus of the time, frightening stuff!

Feel free to tell me of the legendary Bradford bands I’ve missed, I’m sure there are some. Just remember though that anything after the mid 90’s or so would have missed my radar!

Oh, and a jokey message to all England cricket fans reading this. Enjoy your success, because Ireland will hopefully do a repeat in 12 days time! 🙂 Seriously, congrats on a great summer, and getting the No. 1 ranking today.

3 responses

  1. Good post.
    Tamsin Archer had a hit or two. However, the most famous is Terrorvision who had quite a few hits.


  2. Yes, should have remembered Tasmin Archer, but had to look up Terrorvision on Wiki to find out who they were! Heard Of Tequila, but that would be about it.

    Glad you liked the post


  3. Of course, where I live now, the great music star from around here is Billy Currie of Ultravox


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