In the living years

The song talks about the gap between the generations, and its safe to say that in my family at least, my being transgender created a major gap between me, and my one parent who survived long enough to find out, my mother. My actual father died while I was still young (11 or 12?), so he certainly never knew about it, though as even by then I was reading pony story books, not more manly stuff, there might have been a sign, even back then!

To say my mother had a major fit when she found out, would be to put it mildly. No real shock there I guess, but all the same…we did talk again before she died, but lets say things were never all that civil between us after she found out.

But the funny thing is, it may not have been as big a shock as it was, if what I’ve discovered since is true. It seems around the time of my birth that several thousand children (at least) were born hermaphrodite, presumably due to something medical the mothers were being given in pregnancy (this was only a few years before the whole thalidomide thing raised its head btw), and that doctors/parents simply decided what sex to make the baby, not waiting a few years as they probably would now, but this was the late 50’s, so…As someone has suggested to me, its more than possible I was one of those, and they got the choice wrong, simply because it seems my mind was in all likelihood wired female before puberty anyway, but too late to do much about it.

Yes, I’m annoyed, my whole life may well have been better had they not made this call, assuming that is the case of course, and I have no real evidence, the hospital I was born at was demolished a long time ago. But with all thats happened, I do have to wonder…

Oh, alright, for those who only come here for the music videos, here’s a brilliant song by Mike and the Mechanics, the title you’ve guessed by now I should think.

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