A certain Liverpool pop group

I know, totally off normal subject matter, but normal service will be resumed soon.

So who thought I was going to discuss the Beatles lol? Wrong, I do vaguely remember their early stuff, and more clearly the later stuff, but cant say they were ever really my thing, folk stuff and flower power was more for me!

No, the group I’m talking about tonight are a far more recent band from that area of the country, and indeed the original ‘Fab 4’ are now back together, and made a new album only last year, though alright, I havent actually heard any of it yet. The group name, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, more fondly known as OMD.

The thing I guess I was fondest about, was that Paul, and especially Andy didnt only write songs about your typical song matters, they rose, often brilliantly to writing about things no other group would. So you got songs written about oil refiniries, the dropping of the first atomic bomb, a very famous French woman (2 songs in fact) from the distant past, and one of the great female movie actresses of the silent era.

Stanlow, Enola Gay, Joan Of Arc, and Louise Brooks for those who are either too young to know, or arent big enough fans to know anyway. You’ll get one of those songs at the end, thats a promise. There were also 2 songs about Martin Luther King, one about the Greensboro massacre, but they were only album tracks, so anyone not knowing them is very forgiven.

The original sound was very synth based, but when 3 of the group left in ’88 or so, Andy carried on, but the sound became much more guitar based. Didnt stop the hits though, and in a sense, it was a bit of a revival in all honesty.

I was lucky enough to see them live in the early days, but havent managed to see them since the reunion, well not other than on You Tube at least! But hopefully one day soon, I might drag my ancient body to a concert again.

This posting came about due to a cyberfriend on a couple of forums I spend time at, her avatars seem to feature the 20’s style flapper girls look, and indeed she has used Ms Brooks in the past for them. So praise or blame ‘Heather’ accordingly!

So yes, no real surprise which song it is then, so technically there is only 1 of the ‘real’ OMD on this, but I’m not complaining, its a fantastic song.


PS If my hairline was strong enough at the front, I would so love to have a bob cut like hers!

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