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Go west!

Well seeing the pop videos seem to have attracted a crowd, lets not change the system!

Its funny how a song can be so changed, simply by the addition of a video, and some clever keyboard work, and mixing. When this song was first released by the Village People, it was simply about crossing America, and given their gay image (ironically the majority of the group, including the lead singer were not), it was clearly aimed at a better life on the west coast, primarily San Francisco, a city that I will say more of later.

Then the Pet Shop Boys came along, and gave it a whole new feel, mainly it must be said through the amazing video, much of it computer generated of course. All about the Soviets going west, though ironically it was made after the fall of the Soviet Union, and the Iron Curtain, but anyway. Its funny, the first few years after the iron curtain came down I spent a few holidays in Eastern Europe, notably Hungary, and the Baltic States, of which Estonia is my favourite, and I must get back there some day.

But in more recent times, my holidays (generally dull, quiet affairs which suit me fine) have seen me going west as well. Some US cities havent grabbed me (New York and Philly principally), while others (Seattle and San Francisco particularly) have really made me fall in love with them, and both I’ve visited more than once. This May I was fortunate enough to visit Toronto, and fell in love with that place too, though not sure what I’d think of it in wintertime lol! Maybe the fact it was my first break as a Ms might have had something to do with it, but I doubt it, just think the city was great. San Francisco was just amazing, I’ve never experienced anywhere like it before, or indeed since, where a t-girl can so openly go shopping for womens clothing, indeed the shop staff are only too delighted to help there! Seattle, I just find a wonderful, laid back city, amazing considering the amount of coffee supposedly drunk there.

This autumn I get to revisit Boston, admittedly nearly 25 years after I was there before, so dont expect to recognise all that much. But I always wanted to go back there, so maybe doing so might push me nearer to visiting Tallinn again. There will be a ‘fun’ element to visiting Boston, I’m involved in a couple of Forums, and people from there who live in the area want to meet me while I’m over there. Fine you might say, but there’s one little snag! When I joined these forums, I ignored the gender thing, wasnt going to claim I was female, but equally my stories and style screamed female, so didnt want to shatter illusions. Snag was, after one posting, the reply was, Stephanie has joined the forum, so what do I do? Yes, alright, I tagged along, thinking I would never meet anyone from there in real life, but…After so many years of playing along, I hate to now shatter peoples image of me, but at the same time…!

So if anyone can do a full change in just over 8 weeks lol…

Ah, alright, you just want the video! So here it is,

Life in a northern town, words plus video link (I hope)

Though some might say my Yorkshire links are limited, as it was just the first 4 years of my life, and the last 6 (or so, and counting) that have actually been spent up here, but anyway…

Again, rather like the fact that I’m still very proud of my Irish ancestry, despite it now being over a century since my family came across, I’ve always been equally proud of my Yorkshire heritage, I guess its just something that goes hand in hand with both? Its funny, because no one believes me, because of the accent, but thats what being brought up in the south does for you lol!

The funniest thing though, is when I used to visit up here, the accent tended to develop in no time flat, but moving back up here, it didnt happen! Dont understand why, but just one of those crazy things in life I guess?

Ah, the video. Well its included for several reasons. Firstly those cobbles are real, I know them only too well from the main street of Haworth. These ones though are actually at Hebden Bridge (or were in 1983 at least), a town between where I was born, and where I am now in Huddersfield. I love this video not just for that, but adore the song too, it was something very different then, and probably would be, even today. Its possibly not the video most are used to seeing for this song, its the original, not the one used when the song became the massive hit it deserved to be.

Oh, the link…

If it doesnt work, I suspect many will work out the song, the categories might give it away anyway. Just be grateful you didnt get the Yetties, as Somerset was my home for many years lol!


we are the champions!

Well Northern Ireland certainly is in golf at present! And as it is the Ireland Golf Union, well…think they need to bring the Irish Open north of the border now though! Congrats Darren btw, even if I doubt very much he will ever see this lol!

Irony is, an Ulsterman was favourite for the golf with us at work, but not Darren, was Rory McIlroy, no surprise there really after the US Open.

Not really much else to report at present, but thought I’d better let people know I was still alive lol!

I dont like football, oh no…

I hate it, oh yeah!

Why is it, that just because I work in a sports related industry (betting side), that everyone assumes I like football, or in case of any American readers here, soccer?

I do like some sports, cricket as might have already been noted is my main love, but horse racing, golf, snooker and one or two others can also attract my interest. But soccer, most definitely not!

I think at least part of this is the seeming attitude of the players, the vast majority of Premier League players over here (and lets face it, they are the ones who get press time) seem arrogant, greedy, and their only interest in ‘ordinary people’ is getting them through the gates, to pay their over inflated wages!

And yes, it is principally the fuss over one greedy player at the moment who has brought this on, someone called Modric who wants to jump ship at Tottenham, simply because Chelsea are offering him huge sums of money just to kick a ball about. Just last year he signed a long term contract at Tottenham, when no one else wanted him, and was grateful for it. But now he is a so called star (over-hyped, no doubt) he wants to move on, without even a word of gratitude, in fact just the opposite as I can see it.

I know, times have changed since I was young, but back then players were proud to play for their team, now all they want to play for is the money, and how much signing on fee they can get by changing clubs whenever the wind changes. Personally, I’d like to see them do a proper days work, but most wouldnt survive, and thats assuming they have the intelligence for the job in the first place!

Though if one of Roman and co want to pay for me to undergo the best SRS available, well I might be slightly more polite about their sport.

Alright, rant over now, you can come out again and read lol!

Daft fantasies, nice fantasies

In most senses I’m a dull middle aged housewife type, but I suspect, no different to most, I have a few wild fantasies that are probably better off in my head than RL, but might be fun to do…just once probably!

One of those things that has always intrigued me, but never tried on is latex clothing. I suppose its the look, and I’m told the sensations you get wearing it are amazing, but I cant believe a 53 year old could in any way look good wearing it? Certainly not likely to buy any now, so guess I will never know now, but alright, I’d love to know if its as good as the fantasy.

Alright, so thats the daft, but weird one out the way, now lets do the nice, but weird one.

I would love a makeover, and photo session, but these things tend to be pricey at studios, and call centre workers dont earn a fortune. Also, there is the fact that pre op, middle aged TS’s almost certainly arent their target market anyway! And besides, I’m meant to be all Domme like, and this fantasy isnt that! Its not so much I want to be kidnapped, and made over afterwards, though that might be fun. I guess its more akin to turning up ‘somewhere’ for an ordinary meeting, and suddenly being escorted away, hair done, made up to look good (that might need a miracle worker) and having a photo session done.

In other words, I get what I want done, but at the same time, I havent made a fool of myself getting it done in the first place.

Oh, alright, I have one very weird fantasy as well, but lets keep that one for sometime later.

Another day at the cricket

Though it didnt look like it when I got up this morning! Raining hard first thing this morning, and though it eased off a bit, it was still raining slightly when I left the hotel at 10.15, plotting to spend some time seeing the centre of Belfast, not cricket. And I did, and for someone who remembers Belfast in the ‘bad days’, it was great just to stroll round the centre of town with no concerns.

Funny thing was, by the time I reached the centre, it had stopped raining, and stayed that way. So a couple of hours after arriving, I took a bus out to Stormont to see what the situation was like. If it stays dry (this was about 12.40), play might start about 2.30, 30 overs per side. He lied, we started at 1.50, 38 overs per side, and yes, the sun was out again, most of the afternoon. Oh, and Ireland won again! 🙂

Back to England tomorrow, and more mundane (yes, probably transgender included) starting up again. Back to work Thursday btw. Had a lovely trip, but like all good things…

A sunny day in Belfast

And yes, Ireland won the cricket, even if we did make it seem a lot tougher than it should have been. John Mooney batted superbly, Niall O’Brien and George Dockrell played well as well, and 146-7 became 241 all out. Hopefully tomorrow (and the weather forecast isnt perfect) the top order will do more as well. Bowling praise to Alex Cusack and Boyd Rankin for their bowling too.

Weather was gorgeous, got a bit sunburnt, quite something in Belfast, especially as it happened last year as well against Bangladesh when I was over. Despite moisturiser, I feel a bit sore at present, but will survive.

Feeling tired now, but had a super day

A post from across the Irish sea

Yes, writing this from a sunny Belfast, instead of sunny West Yorkshire for once!

The funniest thing today has to be at the hotel on arrival. Last year I was a Mr, with a different surname, today I was booking in as a Ms, but… didn’t blink an eyelid, lol! And yes, they remembered me, worked out I was over here for the cricket, so…Oh, and forecast is good for tomorrow, so fingers crossed for a good days play, and an Ireland win of course!

OK, the boring bit for some, the transgender stuff! I guess if most T-girls were offered one element of cosmetic surgery, they’d go for the boob job, or breast augmentation, to give it its correct title. Not me, I wouldn’t mind being slightly bigger, but in all honesty, C cup would be fine by me anyway. Nope, the first thing I would change is to get the Adam’s apple reduced, its the biggest give-away we’ve got in all honesty. Second would be the genitals, and only then might I start thinking cleavage. So if any doctor is reading this, and thinking, well they know my wish list, lol!

And finally, going off in a totally different direction, Kerry beat Cork today in the Munster Gaelic football final, so pleased about that. Yes, Kerry is one area I can trace ancestry back to, the other is Offaly, should anyone care, and I actually got to see some of it, which was great.

Oh, and if anyone has a specific area of things they want to know about me, please don’t be afraid to ask, or if there is anything else they want me to write about, do the same. Either let me know through comments, or by email.

Hoping the weekend has gone well for my readers, speak to you again soon,

Stevie Lou

Thoughts for the weekend

It might sound funny to some, but there is one thing I feel I havent missed out on by not being a ‘natural born’ female, and thats motherhood! I’ve never had much of a connection to children, and I think trying to bring up my own wouldnt have suited me in the slightest.

Of course with all the advantages of contraception in modern times, I could have probably avoided that ‘delight’ anyway, but hopefully you get my drift? But as has been pointed out to me, I might have felt different about it all, if I’d been born with the right body anyway, but guess I will never know? Who knows, I might even have been a lesbian anyway lol! But when I see a mother with a screaming child (as I did on the bus tonight), I just feel so grateful that isnt me!

All things permitting, the next posting will be from a different country, albeit still part of the UK, Northern Ireland, as I fly out there Sunday lunchtime for a few days. Off to see Ireland play Namibia in a couple of 1 day cricket matches, not their biggest games of the year, but the only ones I can practically get to working round work shifts etc. It will be the second time I’ve travelled, and stayed as a Ms, rather than a Mr (yuck), something which it feels so good to do.

Have in mind to post something about cosmetic surgery, and might surprise some that my priority is not that ‘boob job’ so many would assume about, but something else. Mind, having your own naturally developing cleavage does help I guess?

Until then, have a good weekend.