One month from today…

Hopefully Ireland can again beat England at cricket, now wouldnt that be fun! Sadly I wont be there, its a bit too close to my holiday to Boston, plus that period in August isnt a good time for getting holiday from work anyway. So I will have to settle for watching it on Sky Sports in body, even if my ‘spirit’ might be in Dublin supporting them. Ed Joyce made a century for Sussex yesterday, I hope he’s saving a few runs for the old enemy though!

That day back in March was amazing, I was full of hope pre-game, and then England battered us for over 320 runs. It was a good wicket, but even so, we had to make a really good start to have any chance. Did it happen? As you know already, nope, it didnt! At 111-5, all I was hoping for was respectability. Funny thing was, Kevin O’Brien and Alex Cusack were looking for so much more. As I sat and watched what happened at home, I just couldnt believe what I saw, but I was loving every minute of it. Even when both were eventually out, momentum had swung so much that John Mooney and Trent Johnston were able to push us over the line to a most fantastic win.

Did England relax too much, were we just inspired, I guess it will never be known?

I would say I’d love a repeat on the 25th August at Clontarf, but ideally Kevin wont need to bat that day, we’ll have already won the game by then! One thing is for sure, England wont relax until the game is over, one way or another, thats for sure. Can lightning strike twice? Probably not, but for one more month at least, we can dream the dream that it will.

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