I still dont like football, but…there is a new order to things…

Good pop music is another matter, and just occasionally the two get intertwined. For me, this is the best, and probably only worthy football related hit (though I guess Three Lions, and Vindaloo would have fans) there has ever been.

This is not the original, its the B side, the same song, but a little different, just like the band. You even get Keith Allen ‘doing’ Michael Caine in this lol!


If you prefer the original, its not hard to find!

Its funny, even back then, no one would ever have picked me as a New Order fan, a bit of a ‘bad band’ reputation, rumoured links with drug taking etc, all the sort of things that are so not me! But there was just something that…I suspect it was that ‘infamous’ live performance of Blue Monday on TOTP that did it, they wouldnt just mime to the record, they were going to do it live, but…it wasnt good! Whether it was alcohol, or something stronger, but Barney Sumner had certainly tried ‘something’ before performing that night. In hindsight, it was dreadful, but at the time, something about that version of the song caught my ear, so I went and bought the record, the 12″ version, that was all there was first time around! And yes, it sounded nothing like the TOTP version of course! But all the same…

The other moment they really took my eye is with the True Faith video, its not hard to work out why, it was pop video of the year that year! In hindsight (and even more so in an alternate version Bernard has used live since) its clear to see the drugs connection in this, and drugs are something I’m very anti against, but…just admire the video for the cleverness of it really


And alright, some of those outfits…

The funny thing is, before the first break up, they produced some really good pop, notably World (Price of love), the video of which you can go find for yourselves lol!

Its just funny though, but for one chaotic, very unordered performance of Blue Monday, would I have ever followed them, somehow I doubt it! Life’s strange isnt it? 😉

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