Daft fantasies, nice fantasies

In most senses I’m a dull middle aged housewife type, but I suspect, no different to most, I have a few wild fantasies that are probably better off in my head than RL, but might be fun to do…just once probably!

One of those things that has always intrigued me, but never tried on is latex clothing. I suppose its the look, and I’m told the sensations you get wearing it are amazing, but I cant believe a 53 year old could in any way look good wearing it? Certainly not likely to buy any now, so guess I will never know now, but alright, I’d love to know if its as good as the fantasy.

Alright, so thats the daft, but weird one out the way, now lets do the nice, but weird one.

I would love a makeover, and photo session, but these things tend to be pricey at studios, and call centre workers dont earn a fortune. Also, there is the fact that pre op, middle aged TS’s almost certainly arent their target market anyway! And besides, I’m meant to be all Domme like, and this fantasy isnt that! Its not so much I want to be kidnapped, and made over afterwards, though that might be fun. I guess its more akin to turning up ‘somewhere’ for an ordinary meeting, and suddenly being escorted away, hair done, made up to look good (that might need a miracle worker) and having a photo session done.

In other words, I get what I want done, but at the same time, I havent made a fool of myself getting it done in the first place.

Oh, alright, I have one very weird fantasy as well, but lets keep that one for sometime later.

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  1. Thank you for a great post.


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