Another day at the cricket

Though it didnt look like it when I got up this morning! Raining hard first thing this morning, and though it eased off a bit, it was still raining slightly when I left the hotel at 10.15, plotting to spend some time seeing the centre of Belfast, not cricket. And I did, and for someone who remembers Belfast in the ‘bad days’, it was great just to stroll round the centre of town with no concerns.

Funny thing was, by the time I reached the centre, it had stopped raining, and stayed that way. So a couple of hours after arriving, I took a bus out to Stormont to see what the situation was like. If it stays dry (this was about 12.40), play might start about 2.30, 30 overs per side. He lied, we started at 1.50, 38 overs per side, and yes, the sun was out again, most of the afternoon. Oh, and Ireland won again! 🙂

Back to England tomorrow, and more mundane (yes, probably transgender included) starting up again. Back to work Thursday btw. Had a lovely trip, but like all good things…


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