Is it just me reading this?

Oh come on, if anyone else is reading this at all, please let me know!

Well, unless you work for the biggest bane of my life, aka First Trans Pennine Express, and then maybe its better if you dont lol! The only things I see them first for, are overcrowding, unpunctuality and inflated fares btw.

I would admit that perhaps there is one possibly non-girly thing about me, a great love of cricket, especially nowadays, Irish cricket. But hey, no one’s perfect lol!

My main regret in life, that I didnt discover much earlier just what was wrong with me physically, but things pre internet were a lot harder to discover back then. I should have known, I always grew up singing the female parts in songs (Carpenters, Abba, New Seekers, Middle of The Road) , so maybe should have realised then, but… ah well…

What do I do, other than work, and watching cricket? Or as I work in a sports related industry, both at the same time… I like to travel, North America mainly, I like to read, and in the past I used to write as well.

Any reader intrigued yet, or all asleep? Lets wait and find out!

4 responses

  1. I have a very good friend who is transgendered and she has a lot of the same issues you are going through/have gone through. Just know that there’s someone out there who hears you and wishes things were easier. *hugs*

    Oh, and I came via the cricket ref. I’m a new convert. 🙂


  2. I’d have been more worried if you’d came via the 70’s pop link lol! Mind, some of the glam rock stars of that era wore more make up than the women did!
    Thanks for writing, at least i know its worth going on with it now 🙂


  3. I read it though I normally just lurk


  4. Thanks for letting me know Grimly, I’ll keep quiet on that front now I know I’ve got a few readers at least 🙂


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