An introduction piece

Not that I suspect I will get many readers of this, but lets give it a whirl anyway!

So who am I, someone may be asking? Well I’m a pre-op TS, who wont see 50 again. Plain, quiet(ish) but finally in the last couple of years or so living as a woman, and its the best thing I’ve ever done in life.

I know, some have this image of T-Girls as highly sexed creatures who wear mini skirts and high heels, and set out to outrage people. Me, just the opposite! Think more dull 50 sonething housewife type, and you’d be closer to the mark. And generally my clothing style veers more towards demure than sexy, but thats just me. I dont set out to shock (too much) the poor people of West Yorkshire, generally my look outside is female, but definitely more tops and trousers than flowery dresses. At home its more girlish, but as I say, plain and simple look, not sex kitten.

Any readers left, I doubt it lol? But at the same time…I do like to tease people’s perceptions…

So yes, I use nail polish, and agreed, I’m not flat chested (B cup(ish), not saying which side of it though), and do stroll through town wearing a top that shows off my cleavage, especially when summer is around. I’m lucky, my hair is still a decent length in front, though a fringe wig might be tempting at times, but I just go with my natural hair at the moment.

Yes, work knows, and as far as I get told at least, they dont mind in the slightest, many of them very supportive in fact. Nearly all, if not all of the callers I get at work think I’m a woman anyway! I’ve done the formal name change, am actually a Ms, albeit with a part a Ms shouldnt have lol! Yes, Stevie Lou is a get out clause, but saves hassle with idiots. Anyone who wants to formally call me Stephanie Louise is free to do so, but Stevie Lou is designed for peoples comfort, all the same.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, I’m not a militant, in the face T-girl, just the opposite in fact, I try to pass as a woman, and leave it at that. I want to live, and be treated as an equal of ‘real’ women, not as something special in all honesty.

Like any woman, I love being pampered. Facials, massages and the like are wonderful, and waxing I can survive too. Hair lasering isnt so bad now either, now that most of the hair is gone anyway! So if anyone wants to spoil a single, assexual lady, I can tell them where to get me vouchers from lol! Shoes and/or clothing sizes, you need to ask! 😉 But I’m more Primark than posh stuff anyway!

I’ll see what reaction this gets as to what I post next. There are a few interesting things about me, but lets leave them quiet for now.

Over to you folks now, best wishes,

Stevie Lou x

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